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Commercial Burglary Detection Systems

Every business should feel the contents of their building are secure and protected. For advanced commercial security systems in Lawrence, businesses, store owners, and even nonprofit organizations turn to Select One Security. We can outfit your building from the ground up to monitor and secure each and every access point. SOS works to creatively enhance your space using top-of-the-line technology.

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Burglary Detection Services

Glass Break

A glass break detector is a sensor used in electronic burglar alarms that detects if a pane of glass is shattered or broken. These sensors are common near glass doors or glass store-front windows. Glass break detectors usually use a microphone, which monitors any noise or vibrations coming from the glass.


Window sensors immediately alert you upon entry detection. These sensors are typically a two-piece magnetic contact sensor. When the system is armed and a door or window is opened, the two magnetic sensors are separated from each other, thereby tripping the alarm.

Outdoor Gate

Outdoor gates can be secured using several methods including outdoor wireless sensors. These sensors have the ability to notify you each time the gate is open or left open.

Motion Detection

Track indoor or outdoor motion with Infrared or microwave. The latest motion detectors have video viewer abilities to send security system owners video of who is in the premise.

Man Doors

While there are several different types and styles of door alarm sensors, most use a reed switch and a magnet to determine when a door is open or closed.

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Select One Security offers competitive prices, parts ordering & management, staff training, service and maintenance, and of course, premium installation services. We also offer a warranty on labor AND parts, including from industry-leading brands. See why more and more companies rely on SOS as the only commercial fire alarm system company in Lawrence they trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

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A relationship with Select One Security and Communications means reliable, prompt service for any of your unique business needs. Our team has decades of experience servicing our community’s security and automation technology. Our goal is to keep your team safe, comfortable, and efficient, so you can do what you do best.

Frequently Asked Questions from a Commercial Security System Expert in Lawrence, KS

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