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At Select One Security (SOS), our mission is simple: to make our communities safer, smarter, and more comfortable, one home at a time. Whether you’re looking to secure your home from outside intruders, internal hazards, or a combination of both, our home security installers have the technology and the know-how to take care of your needs.

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Home Security Services

Security Panels by Resideo 

Vista Series

The VISTA Series features a hardwired control panel that function as central hubs for home security setups. The main benefits of the VISTA Series are that they can be customized with various add-ons and are programmed to simultaneously control multiple partitions of a security setup but also support wireless devices. An entirely hardwired setup will also guarantee that no batteries will ever need to be replaced on the panel or sensors.

Lynx Series

The LYNX Touch Panels are among the most popular alarm systems with touchscreen displays offered from Resideo. The LYNX is a wireless all-in-one system that each have their own touchscreen controller and support many wireless zones for homes and small business. The Resideo LYNX Touch Panels are security enabled Z-Wave devices that are designed to automate devices in a home control network.

Lyric Series

The Lyric Series is an alarm control system from Resideo consisting of two types of 7” touchscreen panels: the Lyric Controller and Lyric Gateway. Both come WIFI ready and can be upgraded to utilize a dual path communication using both IP connection and cellular technology. The Lyric Panel will connect with either AT&T or Verizon network upon adding a cellular communicator. Both panels are Z-Wave ready with the ability to control lights, garage doors, door locks, and thermostats.

A7 Pro Series

The Pro Series All-In-One Security Panel is a central hub for security and home automation with a color capacitive touchscreen, powerful wireless controller, and Bluetooth disarming capabilities. This panel has Integration with Amazon Alexa and local voice. Z-Wave technology allows the user to control lights, locks, thermostats, and garage doors from anywhere via the Remote Smartphone App Total Connect 2.0. A built-in camera takes a photo of who disarmed the system at the panel. With the new API from Lift Master garage doors, the A7 Pro panel will take your current MyQ log in and add it to Total Connect.

Burglary Detection

Man Doors

While there are several different types and styles of door alarm sensors, most use a reed switch and a magnet to determine when a door is open or closed

Garage Doors

Integrate your garage door into your security system in order to protect your home from burglaries through an unsecured entrance.

Outdoor Gate

Outdoor gates can be secured using several methods including outdoor wireless sensors. These sensors have the ability to notify you each time the gate is open or left open.


Window sensors immediately alert you upon entry detection. These sensors are typically a two-piece magnetic contact sensor. When the system is armed and a door or window is opened, the two magnetic sensors are separated from each other, thereby tripping the alarm.

Glass Break

A glass break detector is a sensor used in electronic burglar alarms that detects if a pane of glass is shattered or broken. These sensors are commonly used near glass doors or glass store-front windows. Glass break detectors usually use a microphone, which monitors any noise or vibrations coming from the glass

Motion Detection

Track indoor or outdoor motion with Infrared or microwave. The latest motion detectors have video viewer abilities to send security system owners video of who is in the premise.

Life Safety Protection

Smoke Detectors

Protect your home with 24/7 monitored smoke sensors that can detect rapidly rising temperatures and first signs of a fire within the home.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide detectors quickly alert you to dangerous and low levels of CO in your home. This ensures first responders are alerted quickly, even when you’re not home.

Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are sensors you will want to add to any system. These devices will notice excessively high temperatures and let a panel know if there is a fire in the building. (Attic/garage)

Water Detectors

Water detectors can help to minimize water damage and reduce the cost of repairs in places where flooding is common such as toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, or sump pumps.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are installed to alert you of freeze warnings or heat warnings within your home or business. We can also monitor important fridge events or freezer events.

Parental Supervision

Want to check up on children or pets while you are at the office? With video surveillance, you can access live video feed remotely with your smartphone or tablet. Video surveillance enables you to screen visitors at the doorway and check up on your house when you are away on vacation.

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Why SOS?

SOS prides itself on being a turnkey provider.

In this climate, our homes should feel like the epitome of safety, health, and security. Backed by decades of experience and the best security products on the market, SOS can help you feel safer, more comfortable, and more at home than ever.

Ongoing Services

Local and reliable service, every time.

With one simple call to our office, we can dispatch an experienced technician, installer, or product expert to your space to provide the solutions you need. Because we’re a small business, we are able to prioritize our relationship with you and the education we provide along the way.

SOS is your local expert in Home Security

Home security and family security are top priorities for all of us. Protecting your family and your possessions with in home security systems is one of the wisest choices you will ever make. FBI statistics have shown that every 12 seconds, a home is burglarized in the U.S. Select One Security will work with you to make sure your house is protected with a burglar alarm system from top to bottom, 24 hours a day.


When it comes to home security, fire protection is among the top reasons for having a security system.

We offer a full line of fire protection devices, from smoke detectors, heat detector and Co2 detectors, designed to give your family security you need against a potentially devastating disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions from a Home Security Installer in Lawrence, KS

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