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At Select One Security (SOS), our mission is simple: to make our communities safer, smarter, and more comfortable, one home at a time. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party, hosting a neighborhood movie night, or simply spending time with your family, the right audio and visuals can make all the difference.

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Home Audio & TV Services

Home Theater

Create the movie theater experience within the comfort of your own home through the installation of a home entertainment package. The cinematic experience is delivered through 7.1 Surround Sound, a subwoofer to allow you to feel the sound, and a high-quality projector that will bring movies to life.

Home Audio Zoned Audio by SONOS

SONOS Speaker System allows you to stream from your favorite services, control volume, and listen to music in any and every space of your choice via multiple indoor and outdoor speakers.

Sound Bar

Amplify your home audio experience through soundbar installation with subwoofers. A soundbar is a specific type of loudspeaker that projects audio from a wide enclosure


Allow Select One Security to make the television sales and installation process simple whether it be flat screen wall mounting or removal.

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Why SOS?

SOS prides itself on being a turnkey provider.

With near constant innovations in whole home audio technology, it can be difficult to wade through your options. Backed by decades of experience and the best whole home entertainment products on the market, SOS can help you feel more at home than ever.

Ongoing Services

Local and reliable service, every time.

With one simple call to our office, we can dispatch an expert technician, installer, or product expert to your space to provide the solutions you need. Because we’re a small business, we are able to prioritize our relationship with you and the education we provide along the way.

SOS is your local expert in Home Security

Home security and family security are top priorities for all of us. Protecting your family and your possessions with in home security systems is one of the wisest choices you will ever make. FBI statistics have shown that every 12 seconds, a home is burglarized in the U.S. Select One Security will work with you to make sure your house is protected with a burglar alarm system from top to bottom, 24 hours a day.


Set the perfect atmosphere for your home

At Select One Security and Communications, our whole-house audio systems will not only enhance your sound, they will enhance your life! In fact, whole-house audio is one of our most-requested services. We offer several solutions that enable you to distribute your favorite music and more throughout your entire home.

Audio Sources

We start by creating “audio zones” in which you can access all of your favorite audio sources.

You can stream Pandora in your kitchen, have the sporting event broadcast on your outdoor speakers, and shuffle your iPod in the bar all at the same time. And, with the ability to choose your control device–touch panel, remote, iPhone, etc.–you are guaranteed a consistent, easy-to-use interface that the whole family can operate.

Frequently Asked Questions from a Whole Home Audio Installer in Lawrence, KS

Frequently Asked Questions