Select One Security now offering latest doorbell camera for Total Connect

Want to see who is at your door or who is coming and going from your home?


Select One Security has the answer and product for you — a brand new doorbell for Total Connect.


SOS is now offering the new and improved high-resolution 5MP camera as a 2-way interactive audio doorbell with a built-in LED spotlight and siren.


The First Alert VX1 HD video doorbell is a modern, sleek, attractive doorbell camera. It connects to your existing doorbell wiring and your wireless internet.


The VX1 has a 5MP camera, 2-way audio, dual-band WIFI, and intelligent event detection. This event detection uses advanced AI that can easily tell the difference between people, packages, vehicles, animals, and loud sounds. A feature that will limit unwanted recordings. The camera has a built-in LED, color night vision options, and a siren that can be manually activated. The wide dynamic range (WDR) feature provides a high video quality, with vibrant colors, in a variety of lighting conditions.


This new product comes with a gray and a white trim ring, a straight and an angled mounting bracket, a chime adapter, a doorbell release/reset tool, and mounting hardware. The VX1 is made of UV-resistant material ready to withstand the elements. It will operate at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 122°F.


The VX1 has 3 options for field-of-view. Tall, wide, and full. Tall optimizes the camera for a portrait-style view. While wide, it optimizes the camera for a landscape style of view. Finally, full provides the largest field-of-view possible. You can also select between low and high video quality. The doorbell also provides many other settings to adjust the use of the indoor chime, to set how night vision works, control the doorbell lights, control the speaker volume, and the microphone volume.


Call now to order yours today: 785-843-3434.